Five Reasons Why To Hire A Coach Guesswork:  Why should I hire a coach? It takes the guess work out of your training. How much volume should you swim, bike or run? How often to train &/or how hard? When do you add in strength training? When to push or take recovery? Saves you time: 
How long have you been doing Triathlon and how long have you been with PAC Tri Team? I just started doing triathlons two years ago. New tri team member! What made you start Triathlon and/or why do you like Triathlons? I really enjoy biking and I can run, so many more accessible races for triathlons
The Holiday Season Is Upon Us It has been a good month for most of us as we have transitioned into the off season. Next we will transition into the Holiday Season. If it hasn’t yet, this is the time weight gain tends to be unavoidable for many because of the reduction in training and