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Elite Sports Performance (ESP) Nutrition Poll and New Schedule!

Elite Sports Performance (ESP) Nutrition Poll:

BIG NEWS! I can’t tell you how happy I am that we will be bringing a nutrition option to the table for ESP. It truly is a game changer for our athletes and I am really excited with where we can go with this. Please fill out our Nutrition Poll so that we can start planning how we are going to relay all of our awesome nutrition information to your athlete, your family, and your team!
Without getting into too many details, we are trying to bring on a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) as a consultant. This RDN also is very passionate about how nutrition can fuel sports performance so it’s a perfect fit.

What we need help from all of you is how you want us to portray this information. We have several options to choose from. Feel free to even write in your own opinions on how you would like to see us display nutrition information.

Please take a few seconds to fill out this one question survey. This will help steer us in the direction that the majority of our athletes want us to go.


New Late Fall Schedule:

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What parents and athletes are saying:

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ESP Nutrition Poll & New Schedule