Endurance Training

The PAC Tri Coaching staff is committed to helping each of our athletes to perform at their best within the constraints of everyday life. We strive to get to know our athletes and their goals. Whether your goals are to complete a race, make the podium, qualify for a specific race, or even win a race, we can help. We recognize that every athlete is different and has different needs. We believe in creating a unique plan based on an athlete’s individual strengths, weaknesses and training availability.  We believe that constant communication is essential and feedback from our athletes is a vital ingredient to developing a training plan that will succeed in taking you to that next level.

Our goal as coaches is to fit triathlon into your life, not your life into triathlon. We believe that no matter what your “natural” ability is, if you are willing to put the time and effort in, and do the work, you will reach your goals!


Meet Our Coaches

PAC Tri Team

Ages: Adult
Member Price: 2018 Season Single $160/Couple $200/Family $250
Non-Member Price: 2018 Season Single $260/Couple $300/Family $350

Do you like to swim, bike or run? All three? We are a diverse team made up of members with a wide range of athletic abilities. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, all we ask is that you have a passion for the sport, activity and fun!

Cycle Ops Indoor Cycling

Ages: Adult

Bring your own bikes and challenge yourself in our indoor cycling class! (PAC will provide the Cycle-Ops trainer)

Winter is coming so join us on the indoor trainers that will provide a smooth, realistic ride while riding your own bike. The classes will benefit cyclists of all disciplines including road, triathlon and mountain biking. These classes will be focused on building strength and endurance over the winter to have you ready to ride when the warm weather arrives in the spring. You can expect an upbeat and energetic environment with accountability from your coach as well as the other cyclists.

Bike Storage

Cost: 1 month $25/6 month $120

You have the option to store your bike at Prairie Athletic Club. Participants will need to provide your own padlock.

Buddy Training

Ages: Adult
Member Price: 6 month commitment $125
Non-Member Price: 6 month commitment $125

Triathlon Buddy Coaching is a great way for two individuals who have similar fitness goals to follow the same training program. Your coach will provide a program with adjustments to pace and speed for each individual.

Individual Analysis

Ages: Adult
Member Price: $60.00
Non-Member Price: $90.00

This is one-on-one for 45 minutes with a coach who will video tape your swim, bike or run then analyze your technique and provide technique drills to help make the proper corrections. Or are you looking to discuss your training plans and goals? Do you feel that you are stuck in a rut and need some fresh ideas? Maybe you are interested in triathlons but don't know where to start and need some knowledgeable advice on a variety of subjects? Sit with one of our USA Triathlon Coaches for an hour to get your questions answered or discuss whatever triathlon subject you are interested in.

Race Prep Series

We offer these clinics to help you become more familiar with the race course and to provide you with enough information so when race day comes you are confident and ready for your big day.

Each clinic will consist of the following:

  • Swim talk and race tips
  • Swim the distance of the race
  • Transition from the swim to bike
  • Transition tips and bike instruction
  • Bike
  • Run off the bike

2018 Calendar
May 26 Wisconsin 70.3
June 30 Muncie 70.3/Door County
August 19 IMWI
Half IM Distance $30
IM Distance $50

Masters Swim Program: Summer (MS1 & MS2)

Ages: 18+
Member Price:
1 session - $12
10 sessions - $75
14 sessions - $100
28 sessions - $190
Non-Member Price:
1 session - $15
10 sessions - $145
14 sessions - $165
28 sessions - $290

Coached Masters workouts are designed to improve the swimming ability and proficiency of all participants through hard work, technique-focused drills, and a fun group environment.

Masters Level 1 Summer Program was designed to provide a structured workout and coaching opportunity to those who are just beginning to build a fitness swimming component into their normal workout routine.

Master Level 2 Summer Program will take your cross training and fitness swimming and push the limits! Masters Level 2 is geared towards the triathlete and proficient fitness swimmer. Your technique will be honed and your endurance will be challenged all while receiving instruction from an accomplished coach.

Pre-requisite: The ability to swim 500 yards continuously.

"At the beginning of Masters, I wasn't sure whether I was in over my head or not. I had never done a swim workout of more than 1000 yds. I was worried that everyone would lap me and that I'd hold others back. But, by the end, I was getting close to 3000 yards in a 75 minute class. Not only did my form & efficiency improve considerably, but I made some great friends. Whether you're relatively new to swimming like I was or you're training for Ironman, Masters Swim will make you a better, stronger, more efficient swimmer."


Master Swim Individual Analysis

This is for Master Swim participants. For more information, contact Chris Thompson at c.thompson@prairieathletic.com.