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ESP Fall Newsletter 2020

ESP’s Fall schedule announced:

Click HERE to view the full detailed daily fall schedule: Keep in mind, schedules may change with little warning but we will do our best to make sure we have certain days and times covered. The majority of our athletes attend SPASD so we do have some times that correlate with that schedule.


New classes being offered:

ESP Conditioning is back. After popular demand, we have decided to bring back Conditioning. We do have to change a few things from our previous mode of operation. Athletes will be asked to purchase their own heart rate strap (we will provide the sensor). These straps will need to be compatible with the Polar H10 model. Sensors will be sanitized by our staff and handed to athletes to put on their own straps. (you can find them just about anywhere online for about $25).

ESP Skills Day is back for the fall. We will be holding these classes weekly at 10am on Wednesdays for the time being. Athletes are encouraged to attend these classes monthly to get tested in a variety of skills. 40 and 60 yard dash, broad jump, pro-agility, vertical, and more base strength testing will be tested. In the past, these were offered for free but now athletes will be debited an ESP class when they attend.

Nutritional Guidance:

ESP will begin offering nutritional guidance in the coming months for athletes and their families. With more and more time spent at home, adolescences are succumbing to more and more unhealthy choices when it comes to nutrition. It’s just too easy to head to the cupboard and find a package of Oreos. ESP will be offering family oriented preparation options, challenges, and detailed video of our staff preparing food for the week. For more information, contact Kevyn at k.feiner@prairieathletic.com.

Hire ESP’s staff for your club team:

ESP is open to training your club team at any outside location or bring your club team to PAC. We have several outside training facilities and can utilize a very large green space just down the road from our facility in Sun Prairie. We are already running exclusive classes for other clubs and teams. Affordable options are available but times and days are being booked quickly.

Bring Kevyn Feiner to your fall baseball practice:

Kevyn brings a vast knowledge of baseball having played professional baseball for 8 years. Kevyn played multiple positions during his career so his knowledge of several positions really helps everyone on your team. He also has trained individual ball players, managed teams, ran camps, and consulted for teams. If you are looking for a new outlook on your teams performance or are simply looking for new ideas, contact Kevyn at k.feiner@prairieathletic.com.