ESP Test Drive in now Open

Enroll before the window closes!

ESP’s Test Drive window is open until Sunday February 9th. Athletes will purchase Test Drive during the sign up window, but may use it whenever they wish. Test Drive is ESP’s seasonal program that offers prospective athletes a chance to try out ESP without the long term commitment. When we offer Test Drive, it will only be for a limited time. Athletes will receive the same treatment as our other athletes upon enrollment. Athletes will receive an athletic assessment along with a customized sports performance training program for 6 weeks of training. Athletes may purchase Test Drive during the sign up window and start it whenever they wish. Upon receiving their program, athletes will have the ability to train twice a week and have full eligibility to attend ANY class on the schedule. Ages: 11 and Older. Test Drive starts at $175 plus a $40 assessment. Pay for your assessment by 2/9 to be able to claim our Test Drive pricing option.