ESP Virtual Training FAQ’s

Virtual Training starts this Monday April 20th!

Are they 30 or 60 minute sessions?
The classes will range from 35-60 minutes so we are planning approximately 45 minutes give or take.

What workout equipment is needed and how much space in the house will we need?
The most that athletes will need will be a towel and body weight. We may have some small options for equipment later on in the process but we will be able to provide rentals or even an equipment purchase program. There will be some sprinting and running work to do but that can be completed depending on time/weather.

Do they do virtual training on a laptop or iPad?
This will operate under our Zoom account for the time being so they would just need an internet connection to watch the live class. There may be another option through MindBody live streaming but MindBody is still in the testing phases of this option. Once it is available, we could see the classes going to that option. But for now, it will be offered on the Zoom platform. Athletes signed up for that particular class will receive an email 30 minutes before class starts with the link to enter the virtual meeting.

Can they access (watch it from recording) the workouts at a later time if the live time doesn’t work?
Yes, all the classes will be recorded and uploaded to our Vimeo page for playback at a later time. (Give us an hour or so after class to load this up, it takes some time to load up a file of that size).

I have two children that are interested in the virtual ESP class you are offering. Do I have both of them sign up separately for the class?
Yes, you would have to sign them up separately. Each athlete needs their own MindBody account with their own separate email. You can, however pay for both of them under a parents own personal MindBody account if that’s something you would like to do. Contact Kevyn for help with this:

Is a trainer doing the workout live on screen with them?
Yes, we will have at least 1 trainer going through the class with them live and on select days another trainer will be critiquing form as well.

What if PAC opens up and we are able to resume training in person amid our virtual commitment?
To be perfectly honest, we want something to get our athletes to the summer months. If you purchase online training and we don’t end up utilizing it for the full 8 weeks because we open back up, we will take what’s left and apply that towards an ESP package.


*Current ESP passes not eligible to be redeemed for virtual classes.