Gyms and fitness facilities provide an important outlet for people seeking to improve their health and well-being.

We're here to ensure consistency in keeping you and our staff safe. Any changes to this plan will be posted as information becomes available to us.


PAC Will Have Reduced Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday 5am - 10pm
  • Friday 5am - 9pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 6am - 9pm




Family Pools & Waterpark-Closed for season

  • Day of reservation will be required on and include seating for your party, please note: reservations will be 24 hours in advance as we determine demand.
  • Length of stay will be limited
  • Designated check in to avoid lines
  • Seating and attractions will follow social distancing guidelines
  • Water park closing September 7, adult pool open through September weather permitting

our working process for 2020

planning & strategy

Prepare for disruption in some of our programs to better prepare and protect our member's and employee's health and safety inside the club.


Continually strive to bring new programs to life during 2020. Program outreach from the club to inside our members homes.


There are workouts for every age, gender, goal and interest, and we're here to make sure you can enjoy a safe environment while working out at Prairie Athletic Club.


With no way to fully predict what will happen after Wisconsin opens, the best way we can prepare is to respond and evolve as the situation develops—with nothing but your safety in mind. This page will remain throughout 2020 and serve to provide current updates. Thank you

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Member Health

We're taking all the extra steps necessary to provide a clean and safe environment, but everyone has an essential role to play

  • Members will be asked to stay home if they have had any COVID-19 symptoms or have come in contact with someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days
  • Members will be asked to clean all touch points in workout rooms and locker rooms before and after use using a pre-treated microfiber towel that is provided for members at check in (please return towel before leaving)
  • We ask that all members wash hands after use of facility.
  • Members will be asked to practice social distancing guidelines in all areas of the club.
  • Masks are required at all times except when swimming or eating.
  • Members ages 65+ are encouraged to check with your physician prior to using the facility. Requests for designated senior workout time will be taken into consideration and any decisions will follow in a few weeks.
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Member Dues

Your membership is a pathway of commitment and community

  • Membership dues were charged at 50% on June 15 to offset for time we were closed in March
  • Membership dues resumed regular monthly charges on July 3 and each month on the 3rd going forward unless notified otherwise.
  • If you would like to make any changes to your account please contact us two weeks prior to the next billing cycle
  • Members who paid in full will have 2.5 months added to the end of their membership expiration date.
  • Members who participated in programs that were cancelled while we were closed have received club credit, refund or moved to new dates.
  • Members who were paying for programs that we are not currently offering will automatically have that part of their membership dues put on hold and offered options (Class Pass, MX4)
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Our Staff

Know that gym owners and staff are doing everything possible to open up in a clean environment.

  • Employees who have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 will be instructed to stay home.
  • All staff will have a temperature check when coming to work.
  • Masks will be required for staff, exceptions for working in office and outside
  • Masks will be required in all instances when social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Employees will be required to wash hands on arrival at work, after working with each member, after touching their mask, after using the restroom and when leaving work.
  • Employees will be required to follow physical distancing guidelines.
  • Employees will be required to disinfect their workspaces daily.


We have been working tirelessly to review best practices and consult with other gyms, collaborators, and industry associations to implement every safety and sanitation measure that will ensure we can re-open with confidence.


PAC's focusing our team on how we can come out of this stronger, what can we take from this experience and how can we improve our members lives after emerging from quarantine.


We will continue to put cleanliness and disinfection at the top of the list. This is challenging for all of us, but we'll continue to be stronger working together. Please review PAC's procedures and processes listed below.

Our Club

PAC's entire facility including all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, disinfected and protected.

Our Staff

All of Prairie Athletic Club's staff are trained on new cleaning, disinfecting and protecting protocol.

Our Members

Member engagement and participation in the cleaning protocol is the best way to help keep us all safe.


Surfaces are cleaned using a detergent to remove all dirt and debris using water and detergent. Microfiber towel brushes are used in the process. Disinfection of all high-touch surfaces will be on going during open hours.

Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Surfaces are disinfected using Signet Neutral Disinfectant and allowed appropriate dry time to kill bacteria on all surfaces. After-hours cleaning will include sanitizing and disinfecting.


All surfaces are sprayed with BIOPROTECT™ using an electrostatic sprayer, leaving a protective coating on the surface that can be effective for up to 90 days.


A microfiber towel treated with BIOPROTECT™ will be available to each member at check in. This towel can be used throughout your stay and returned upon leaving the club.

Touchless Entry

Each entrance to Prairie Athletic Club is equipped with a door that can be opened mechanically with the swipe of the hand past a sensor. We're asking all members and staff to try to utilize as much "no touch" points as possible.

Air Quality

An air purifying device called an iWave that is installed into our air ducts & air conditioning system. When air passes over the iWave, ions produced by the device reduce pathogens, allergens, particles, smoke and odors in the air, creating a healthy environment without producing any harmful byproducts.


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Gyms and fitness classes, from yoga to cycling to more intensive workouts like Crossfit, are forms of exercise, sure. However, they also function as a form of therapy, a mental health benefit, a hobby, and stress-relief outlet for the people that love them.

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Workout Rooms

All workout rooms will be open

  • Members are asked to limit workouts to one hour.
  • Equipment will be spread 6 feet apart.
  • Cardio equipment will be every other piece to achieve the social distancing requirement.
  • Free weight equipment has been moved to the turf area to maintain 2 free weight rooms to spread members out
  • Members will be asked to clean all touch points of each piece of equipment before and after use
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Indoor Pools

Indoor Lap, Family Pool and Warm Water Pool are all open

  • Reservations will be required in MindBody for adult swim, please note that reservations for time slots will open for booking at 12 a.m. one day in advance, please see MindBody Instructions in last blue box on this page for more booking information
  • Indoor family swim reservations can be made from the home page of our website
  • Lap Pool-one swimmer per lane, swim in middle of lane, 2 family members from the same family will be allowed to share the same lane,children must be lap swimmers to attend (no children spectators)
  • Outdoor aquatic classes available, please see MindBody
  • Warm water and aquatics classes - limited schedule beginning September 22, more details to come
  • Indoor pools will open at 5:15 am - 9 pm M - Th, 5:05 am-8:45 pm Friday and 6:10 am - 8:45 pm Sat & Sun
  • Bathrooms and showers available, limited locker use available
  • Family whirlpool is available to swimmers (up to 10 patrons, social distancing required)
  • Adult Whirlpool is open (4 person max, 20 minute time limit when others waiting)
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Group Fitness

Group Exercise classes have resumed with a limited class schedule, advance sign up required, classes held outdoors when possible

  • Scheduling for all classes will be on MindBody, reservations will be required for all classes.
  • Markers added to meet social distancing guidelines
  • Class sizes and class offerings will be reduced with classes being held outdoor when weather cooperates
  • Online classes may remain available
  • Silver Sneakers program currently on hold
  • Members who rented Body Pump equipment will be allowed to continue their rental through their 3 month rental agreement
  • Members will be asked to clean all touch points after use.
  • Sessions and packages will be extended and available for use when you are ready to come back to PAC
  • SOL yoga has resumed with a limited schedule, please register on MindBody
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Outdoor Adult Pool

Outdoor pool open through September weather permitting

  • Must bring own towel and wipe down chair before leaving
  • Towel required
  • Ages 16+
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Water Park hours posted daily based on weather. Water Park closing September 7

  • Reservations will be required on and include seating for your party PLEASE NOTE, registration open one day in advance as we determine demand
  • Length of stay will be limited
  • Designated check in to avoid lines
  • Seating and attractions will follow social distancing guidelines
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PAC Childcare is currently closed. It is anticipated at this point that we will re-evaluated during Dane County's Phase 3.

  • Temperatures will be checked for all child care participants
  • Masks and social distancing is required
  • Pops and Teen Tag has been reinstated
  • Junior Gym will be open on weekends for 1 family at a time. Please bring your own balls
  • Supervised Gym available for ages 5-9
  • Tang Soo Do has resumed
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Courts available for individual shooting while practicing social distancing

  • Each person must have their own ball, rented or brought from home
  • Maximum one family per basketball hoop
  • Reservations may be required depending on demand
  • Challenge basketball will not be held
  • Volleyball available on Court 3, please check schedule for availability first come first serve
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CrossFit will resume with reduced class size and reserved open gym times

  • *please check back for more updates
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Racquetball courts available for casual play, 2 players maximum per court

  • *please check back for more updates
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Pickleball & Badminton

Pickleball and Badminton will be allowed during normal designated times

  • *please check back for more updates
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Soccer Field

1/2 of the soccer field requires advance registration, the other half is first come first serve

  • Make your reservation on
  • 1/2 field for 30 minutes per family during designated times
  • Bring your own ball or rent from back desk
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Food & Beverage

Lost Court will open daily at 11 am, closing times may vary depending on business

  • Lost Court will become cashless; credit cards, club charge and gift cards accepted
  • Tables spaced 6 feet apart
  • Social distancing guidelines will be followed for seating in all areas
  • All staff will follow WEDC guidelines for restaurants
  • Bob & Vel's to remain closed at this time
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PAC 24

PAC 24 is now available

  • Please contact us to reactivate your key fob and update your waiver
  • Please limit workout to one hour
  • 16 person max capacity, please wait in vestibule if capacity has been met
  • Please plan workouts around class times
  • PAC24 Key Fob Waiver (click here)
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MX4 will not resume at this time. MX4 space will be utilized by Personal Training for individual appointments

  • Expiration date of all sessions will be extended and available for use when MX4 resumes
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ESP classes have resumed, social distance guidelines will be followed

  • *please check back for more updates
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Indoor Track

Open for member use, social distancing required.

  • *please check back for more updates
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Bootcamp classes have resumed, outdoor options available

  • Limited class schedule
  • Sign up on Mindbody
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Massage will return in Phase 3 of Forward Dane

  • We will update as more information becomes available
  • New staff requirements and safety protocols will be followed at appointments
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Personal Training

Personal training has resumed

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Pilates Reformer

Pilates reformer has returned

  • Limited schedule available
  • Mask required during class
  • Reserve your space on MindBody
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Sand Volleyball

Sand volleyball leagues are currently on hold

  • Registration available online
  • Check back for more updates
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Locker Rooms

All locker rooms are open

  • Available lockers are social distanced
  • Please use microfiber towel to wipe off handle and inside of the locker before and after use
  • Locker rooms are cleaned three times per day by PAC staff and cleaning company
  • Men's and Women's saunas will be open in Phase 3 per Forward Dane
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Fit Rewards

Fit Rewards program is currently on hold, we will re-evaluate for 4th quarter

  • *please check back for more details
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Class Pass

Class Pass members will automatically see that portion of their membership dues put on hold

  • Each person will be contacted individually for option to continue individual programs
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MindBody Instructions

The MindBody link can be found at the bottom of every Prairie Athletic Club webpage

  • If you currently don't have an account, click "create an account" or sign in if your account is already established. If you can't recall your password for a current account, click "need a new password" in the "Sign In" section
  • You will see tabs at the top of the page for Lap Swim, Warm Water Pool, Family Pool-Indoor, Family Whirlpool-Indoor
  • Select the appropriate tab, choose your time and book your session
  • Please remember sessions will be available for booking beginning at 12 a.m. one day in advance
  • After selecting time, book your session, checkout and place order, the order will reflect $0 and not cost you anything
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Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers classes returning September 11

  • Mondays Silver Sneakers Classes 11-11:45 am
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays Silver Sneakers Yoga 10:30-11:15 am
  • Fridays Silver Sneakers Classic 10-10:45 am & 11-11:45 am
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Masks will be required beginning Monday, July 13 at 8 am

  • We have 2 large tents for outdoor classes, mask not required for outdoor classes (check MindBody for class availability)
  • Swimming indoors does not require a mask but getting to and from the pools does
  • We will work with anyone with a medical condition prohibiting them from wearing a mask. (please bring this to management's attention)
  • We ask that members do not take on the role of mask enforcement with other members while working out
  • For additional questions please visit the Public Health website at