ESP Online Training

Starting at $75. Schedule a time with a trainer and we will assess the athlete, create a program for the athlete, and send them an electronic program with instructional videos of each exercise. This is great for the athlete that is on a budget, has time constraints, or can’t make it into the gym due to traveling distances. We will supply the athlete with a specialized program to follow for 6 weeks. NOTE: If online athletes choose to train at the Prairie Athletic Club they may not train on the sprint track during the designated ESP times. Ages: 11 and Older

Online Training Pricing (new program every 6 weeks)

  • Member:  2x / week $75
  • Non-Member:  2x / week $90
  • Member:  3x / week $105
  • Non-Member:  3x / week $126
  • Member:  4x / week $130
  • Non-Member:  4x / week $156