Massage – Neurovascular Therapy

Neurovascular therapy is a form of bodywork based on osteopathy and craniosacral therapy that addresses the neurological connection between body and brain so that your body, mind, and spirit can flow in harmony more easily. It is done fully clothed and does not involve any tissue manipulation, but rather uses gentle touch to calm the central nervous system, release restrictions, and increase the flow and function of the body. This bodywork is recommended for anyone suffering from stress, anxiety, trauma, and things that feel “stuck.” It is particularly awesome for postpartum mamas.

Mindbody Integration
In these sessions, you are fully clothed. These intuitive sessions can incorporate Reiki, breath work, mindfulness, focusing (tuning into self), craniosacral, myofascial release, and acupressure to release restrictions in the body, release tension in the emotions, and calm stress in the mind. It is fantastic for postpartum integration of birth and can also be beneficial for anyone feeling stressed, stuck, or disconnected to your life and body.

Massage Rates

  • 30 minute = $40
  • 60 minute= $75
  • 90 minute = $100

Purchase five 1-hour, five 90-minute or ten 30-minute massages and receive a 30-minute massage gift card FREE!