One-on-One Coaching Program

Transform Health & Wellness One-on-One Coaching Program

16 Week “Personalized for You” Health Transformation Coaching Program

Work one-on-one with our Integrative Healthcare Practitioner to rebalance your body and uncover the root imbalances holding you back from feeling your best. Focus on weight loss, wellness and anti-aging.

16 Week Package Includes:

  • Client will meet in person or virtually with Coach Trisha on the following schedule:
    Week 1: 120 minute health intake meeting (includes InBody Scan)
    Week 3: 60 minutes
    Week 6: 60-120 minutes based on At Home Health tests (if applicable)
    Week 8: 60 minutes
    Week 12: 60 minutes
    Week 16: 60 minutes
  • Client will receive a Personalized Wellness Plan focused on the DESTRESS™ Protocol (Diet, Exercise, Stress reduction, Toxin removal, Emotions, Supplements, Success mindset)

$180/month members
$230/month non-members

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