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  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-ESP-Elite-Sports-Performance-9

    ESP Summer Training

    June 17-August 31 Ages:Ages 11 and older Summer Training includes: Strength Training – athletes receive a cust...
  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-ESP-Elite-Sports-Performance-6

    ESP Online Training

    Ages: 11 and Older Schedule a time with a trainer and we will assess the athlete, create a program for the athlete, ...
  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-ESP-Elite-Sports-Performance-3

    ESP Test Drive

    Ages: 11 and Older ESP’s seasonal program that offers prospective athletes a chance to try out ESP without the...
  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-ESP-Elite-Sports-Performance-2

    ESP 20 Pack

    Ages: 11 and Older If you are in season but still want to train so that you don’t lose all of the strength and...
  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-ESP-Elite-Sports-Performance-1

    ESP Monthly Training

    Receive your individualized training program and choose between 2, 3, 4 or 5 training’s per week. This is for ...
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