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  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-Sun-Prairie-Pickleball-Lessons

    Pickleball – Lessons

    New to the game of Pickleball? The PAC offers introductory Pickleball lessons in many winter months with space limit...
  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-Sun-Prairie-Pickleball-Tournaments

    Pickleball – Tournament

    The PAC offers 1-day, round-robin doubles tournaments in many winter months. Generally play is continuous for two or...
  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-Sun-Prairie-Pickleball-Leagues

    Pickleball – Leagues

    The PAC offers fall and winter Pickleball league sessions. Leagues are always doubles, though registration is done i...
  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-Sun-Prairie-Pickleball-Open-Play

    Pickleball – Open

    PickleBall has the combined features of badminton, tennis and ping pong, but also has its own unique features, too. ...
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