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  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-Warm-Water-Pool-Programs-Flexibility-Movement

    Flexibility in Movement

    Warm Water Pool Free to All Members This class was designed for clients with Fibromyalgia. Created to provide relief...
  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-Warm-Water-Pool-Programs-Arthritis-Foundation-Aquatic-AFAP-2

    Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program+ (AFAP+)

    Warm Water Pool Included with Gold/Gold Cove Memberships Offers all the benefits of our AFAP classes with longer per...
  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-Warm-Water-Pool-Programs-Arthritis-Foundation-Aquatic-AFAP-1

    Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program (AFAP)

    Warm Water Pool Included with Gold/Gold Cove Memberships A class that allows you to exercise without putting excess ...
  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-Warm-Water-Pool-Programs-Ai-Chi-Class

    Ai Chi

    Continuous flowing movement. Develops strength, balance, range of motion, and improves breathing skills. Exercise wi...
  • Prairie-Athletic-Club-Sun-Prairie-Aqua-Yoga

    Aqua Yoga

    Free to Gold Members Bringing yoga off the mat and into the water making it accessible to everyone. Those with muscl...
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