ESP Return To Training 2020 (5)

This summer will be unlike any other at Elite Sports Performance

Hello Everyone,

I’ll try to be as brief as possible; there is a lot I’d like to cover, so please bear with me.  Social distancing guidelines this summer change the way we are able to deliver on our main goals. So, Elite Sports Performance (ESP) pre-COVID19 won’t be EXACTLY what will be coming back until guidelines are relaxed.  However, I believe the avenues we continue to develop during this time will match up with and possibly surpass the offerings from our past.



Elite Sports Performance is focusing on these main goals:

  1. Maintain the health and well-being of our athletes and staff
  2. Develop athleticism and routines that will benefit athletes not only in sports but life as well.

This summer is going to be unlike any summer we have had for ESP

We will not be continuing our Unlimited or monthly payment options for the time being, rather we will be moving to only session packages. Good news for you who have purchased packages previously, here’s a breakdown of your options:

Regular Elite Sports Performance (ESP) Sessions

All sessions that expired on or after March 15th have been extended out 78 days from your original expiration date (the amount of time we were closed). Those sessions may be used for ESP Total classes only. If you wish to upgrade those sessions to ESP Custom, that will be handled on a case by case basis. Please contact Kevyn with any changes or concerns about your previous sessions.

Elite Sports Performance (ESP) Baseball

All sessions that expired on or after March 15th have been extended out 78 days from your original expiration date (the amount of time we were closed). All players ages 11 and older will have the opportunity to use their left over sessions for ESP Baseball classes, or convert them to ESP Custom or ESP Total classes. If you wish for a change, please contact me directly. Kevyn –

All players that participated in the Parent/Player classes that were set to start in mid-March have had sessions loaded into a MindBody account for the ability to sign up for our Parent/Player classes this summer. Kevyn has/will be contacting all of the Parent/Player participants via a separate email.

All players that participated in the Baseball Camp and only got 1 day out of the 3 you purchased.  We will be planning a camp outside this summer. More details will be available on that shortly!

Welcome to the stage…our new ESP Training Classes

ESP Total

Ages 11+. This is a 1 hour training session that maintains social distancing guidelines and consists of an all-around performance training strategy. Waves of 5 athletes will rotate every 20 minutes to designated areas in the club (Soccer field, Sprint track East, and Sprint Track West). Trainers will be stationed at these specific locations and athletes will be directed to complete certain exercises based on their skill/age level. All previous ESP packages are eligible to be used for these classes. We also have new pricing options if you are a new athlete or don’t have any. (Yes, all packages that expired during the safer at home order will be extended).

ESP Total will be covered under our traditional ESP packages.



ESP Custom

Ages 15+. Our traditional “Strength” program where athletes will complete their customized training programs under the direction of an ESP trainer. These classes will be limited to only 5 athletes for the time being. With space being at a premium, ESP Custom will incur an extra fee to attend.

Previous ESP packages will NOT be eligible to be used for this option.



ESP Virtual

Ages 11+. With the “safer at home” orders handed down in March, we knew we had to find a way to keep bringing our athletes top-notch training within the confines of their home so we started ESP Virtual and it has been a giant success. So much so, that we will be offering this into the summer. We have the ability to record the classes as well and send those out to those who can’t make the live version. We already have pricing options for this style of training.



ESP Baseball – Hitting and Defense

Ages 11+. This option will take place of our regular ESP Baseball options. The one caveat is that we need to build batting cages outside on the green space near Buck and Honey’s. We are waiting on approval from the city to be able to build cages there. Upon approval, that area will be an option for all baseball classes. ESP Baseball Classes have a soft open date of June 15th.

ESP Baseball – Player/Parent Classes

Ages 8-10. These classes used to be 1 time per week for our ball players ages 8-10. We will continue this option and honor the previous packages that were purchased before the club was forced to close. More information will be given out to those who have packages bought already. At this point, we want to serve those who already have active sessions so we will not be accepting any new ball players for this option until a later date. Please email me, Kevyn ( if you are interested in attending these classes. ESP Baseball Classes have a soft open date of June 15th.

Elite Sports Performance (ESP) Schedule & Sign Up

Attached you will find a schedule that is planned to start June 1st. As you may already know, changes can/may/will happen quickly and often in the current situation we all find ourselves in. We have designed these training styles so that we can vary the amount of participants should restrictions be lifted or clamped down.

I can’t be more adamant that athletes HAVE to be signed up on MindBody in order to be permitted into class. Athletes will unfortunately be asked to leave if they are not on the roster. Our same rules apply to signing up: Sign up at least 3 hours in advance to the start time of the class. Cancellation policy is 2 hours. Anyone who cancels within the 2 hour cancellation window will be charged for that class.



Elite Sports Performance (ESP) Pricing Structure

(we have discontinued unlimited options for in-person training due to the low cap of attendees allowed to participate in classes):

Elite Sports Performance (ESP) Custom

(Previously purchased regular ESP sessions NOT valid for this option)
20 pack (PAC members)  – $360
20 pack (nonmembers)  – $430

Elite Sports Performance (ESP) Total

(Previously purchased ESP sessions valid for this option)
20 pack (PAC members)  – $300
20 pack (nonmembers)  – $360

Elite Sports Performance (ESP) Virtual

1 Session – $10
10 Sessions – $55
Unlimited (8 weeks) – $111

Thank you for taking the time to get prepared for your Elite Sports Performance Program this Summer!  If you any questions, comments or ideas on how we can better help you reach your goals this summer, please reach out to my contact information below.

Kevyn Feiner | | Elite Sports Performance