Erika Hetzel

Growing up, I was never very athletic. I was extremely overweight in high school (weighing about 190 lbs at 5’3), and I knew I wanted to change how I looked and how I felt about myself. I started running and lost about 60 lbs! However, I still wasn’t fully happy until I started resistance training. I started to look leaner, feel stronger, and my confidence soared! In 2017 I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Biology and certificates in Pilates and German. I’m still pursuing some continuing education in strength training and coaching, and recently signed up to compete in my first powerlifting competition. As a trainer, I hope to inspire others to adapt to a healthier lifestyle and find strength and confidence in themselves!


I want my clients to feel comfortable incorporating strength and functional core training into their workouts. I particularly hope to help more females ditch the elliptical and find a home in the weight room!


Bachelors of Science in Biology
ACE Personal Trainer
Certified Pilates Instructor


My specialties include core training and conditioning; studying functional and preventative exercises for the core with 3 years of Pilates training and teaching.  I’m most passionate about resistance training and powerlifting--helping clients to feel empowered inside the gym and out!  At the university, I’ve also studied endurance training and programming for marathon runners.


  • “Lost 23 # since June 5th. Have a large box of clothes ready to be removed from my closet. Thanks for your help in that!”
  • “I just want to say that I enjoy Erika very much. This is my first time at getting a personal trainer and I was concerned that, as a 57 year old woman with a new knee, she would push too hard to the point that I would give up. But, she is so good making sure we are doing the proper exercise for my knee and giving me encouragement to keep going. I leave my work out with a great feeling that I really pushed myself and without my knee swelling up. Also, She is very sweet and easy to talk to. I give her an A++.😊”


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