Erin Barth

Outside of working at Prairie Athletic Club, I have a passion for competing in Bikini Natural Bodybuilding Competitions and I enjoy training and working on improving myself.   I grew up on a small hobby farm in Almond, WI and moved to Sun Prairie in 2010.  I love spending time with my friends and family along with my Chihuahua, Bella.  When I’m away from the club I enjoy golfing, boating, or anything else outside when the weather is nice.


Health and Fitness can be FUN and REWARDING. It’s more than looking good. It’s about feeling good both inside and out. My goal is to show you that the gym can be something that you’ll look forward to every single day to let go of your life’s stressors and focus on yourself and bettering your mind. To me it doesn’t matter if you’re training for a Competition or working towards a weight loss goal the experience at the gym and the journey to get your fitness goal is what you’ll always look back and reflect on.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist
WNBF Women’s Bikini Natural Professional


Nutritional Coach
Competition Coach


  • I decided I needed to add weight training to really change my body shape and that’s when I met Erin at PAC. She introduced me to a weight routine that I could do while traveling, and educated me on the importance of lifting heavier weight to change my body shape. She also taught me to focus my nutrition around measuring Macro grams (Protein, Fat, Carb) rather than calories. I saw such a change in the first 6 weeks that Erin suggested I try a fitness competition that she would coach me for over the next 4 months. Over the next 4 months I tracked my Macros, lifted weights 5-days/wk, and worked on posing. Easy – No. Possible – Yes! While I saw positive physical changes to my body and gained muscle strength every week, it was nothing compared to the personal sense of accomplishment and belief that no matter what age, occupation or complexity you face in everyday life “what the mind believes, the body achieves. I competed in the largest Fords Fitness Competition to date on April 22nd, and was the oldest competitor in my bikini division. I took 5th place and have aspirations of improving that finish in the fall!
    Lynn Sullivan
  • I had heard through a friend that Erin was starting to coach competitors and I started looking into things and asking a lot of questions. From the second I met with her I knew she was a perfect fit for me and my goals. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned these last 6 months. The biggest one being nutrition. She has opened my eyes to a whole new world. The macro world that is! I was a person who came from emotional eating. I would eat because I was happy, sad, the sun was shining, it was raining. You get my point right? Never did I truly understand the saying “eating healthy is a form of self-respect.” Now I totally understand. Most people will tell you they eat healthy but until you actually track it and know what you are putting into your body, you actually have no idea. I remember walking into the weight room for the first time thinking “I don’t belong here.” “What did I get myself into.” I needed to quickly remind myself that everyone in here started somewhere too. I can’t thank Erin enough for being there for me on those weak moments. When someone believes in you, you are unstoppable. I have now found a passion for the gym and can’t imagine skipping a day in the weight room. My confidence has completely changed and I am now a better mom, friend and wife. I have lost a total of 24lbs, 6 inches off my waist and 7 jean sizes. I was always known as the “big boned girl” for once in my life I don’t believe those words anymore. I am forever grateful for this journey and the friendships I have made. Thank you Erin and thank you PAC for all your love and support!
    Sheena Hall


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