Tyler Mercier

I have always been into sports and fitness ever since I can remember. Growing up I was a 5 sport athlete (Cross Country, Football, Basketball, Track, and Baseball). I went on to play one year of college basketball before suffering an injury that ended my competitive playing days. The injury made me view sports, fitness, and life from a different perspective.  I started to develop my passion for coaching and helping people reach their full potential.  I went on to get my college degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Coaching at Northern Michigan University. During my summers, I trained several athletes from 1st grade to 12th grade at the high school I graduated from. Working with the youth population is one of my favorite groups to work with.  I also enjoy working with clients who are looking to gain strength and muscle.  I am currently working towards becoming a Weight Loss Specialist.


My fitness philosophy is to make custom programs tailored to an individual that pushes them to their limit. I often use the phrase that I want my clients to be “comfortably uncomfortable” throughout the entire workout. My reasoning behind this is that I want my client to be able to give maximum effort for every exercise to get the absolute most out of their body in the time that we have together.


Bachelors of Science in Physical Education-Coaching
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Speed and Agility Coach


My specialties include custom program development, strength training, weight loss, improving athleticism, and teaching beginners how to exercise safely and smartly.


Here's what clients are saying about Tyler

  • When I decided to finally get myself into a better lifestyle physically, I connected with Tyler for 20 sessions. I was at 285 lbs when I started my workouts and am now down to 265 pounds. I lost nearly 8% body fat in this duration. Which might sound like the best part of the story, but the truth is, that was not nearly all that I accomplished. When I started, I was barely able to be out on the ice, skating with my son for more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time. I told this to Tyler as one of my main goals was to work on endurance and stamina. Now, I am able to spend almost the entire hour and a half of skate time with my son without needing to get off the ice because I was out of shape. This is the true victory for me! Tyler always came in with a personal touch to my sessions, and was easy to talk to and able to work with. The best part for me was that even though he had a positive attitude towards my workout, he would NEVER let me quit. I felt myself pushed to doing the maximum I could do. Don't ever let Tyler trick you though! He may give/show you an exercise that looks like it will be really easy on you...it's a trap! I mean this in the best sense possible! The exercise would push me as would he and it's never quite as easy as you might think. He was always there to help me keep on my goals and tasks and didn't let me lighten up on the workout to keep me stagnant in progression. The best part was the accountability. He always has that one more mentality, and will get that extra one or two out of you, just when you think you couldn't do it. Alone, I would never have been able to start a routine to help keep me going and be in the shape I'm in. Now, I can skate with my son, and not have to take a break when we play soccer. My life has been altered and I have to thank him. My confidence is up, my waist is down from a 44 to a 38 in jeans, and I can fit in clothing I wasn't sure I would again. He never tried to put me on a strict diet, and I used portion control as the basis for how I ate and eat now. I feel more healthy and in shape than I have in almost 10 years! Thanks Tyler, for all you did to help me, and I can't thank you enough for all the help you've given me!
    David Schroeder
  • Over the summer I trained at the Prairie Athletic Club to build strength and speed for the upcoming football season. I came in with not much build and needed to bulk up. My trainer Tyler was a big help and I achieved the goals I wanted to reach. He treated me like a friend not just another client he works with and if it weren't for my summer training sessions I wouldn't have made my goals in a those few short months. My Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift all improved 15-20 pounds over 8 weeks working with Tyler.
    DJ Tauscheck


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