Batting Cage / Soccer Field Rental Agreement


Sign In Procedure

  • All non members over 14 years old MUST show ID upon arrival and sign in.
  • Rental groups will be allowed to sign in 10 minutes before their scheduled time. Renters showing up before the allotted 10 minutes will be asked to leave the premises until 10 minutes before their scheduled field time.
  • Rentals must enter through back door (door #4). See below for map of door #4.


  • Rental covers up to 15 players and up to 5 coaches.
  • Credit card payments are accepted online. Cash or check is accepted but needs to be set up with the facility rental manager.
  • Rentals must leave field by ending time, and must vacate building 10 minutes after ending time. Failure to do so will result in pro-rated payment for extra time used.
  • No carry-ins allowed.
  • Cleats are PROHIBITED.
  • Bare feet/no shoes are not admissible.

Batting Cage Rules

  • Helmets must be worn at all times when in the cage.
  • Please be aware that when picking up baseballs after a round, that balls from the other cage can be harmful. Please be aware of the other hitter when picking up baseballs.
  • Walking between the cages is NOT permitted at ANY time.
  • 1 hitter and 1 guardian ratio allowed in the cage at a time. Maximum 4 people in one cage at a time. All other participants need to maintain a 10 foot buffer from the cage when waiting to hit.
  • NO throwing or swinging allowed of any kind outside the cage.
  • Absolutely NO balls outside the batting cage at ANY time.
  • No cleats of ANY kind is permitted.
  • Pick up the cage after you are done using it.

Team Batting Cage Rental Policies also

  • >4 players requires the rental of batting cages
  • When renting 2 cages, at least 2 coaches must be present.
  • All team members will enter through the back desk and sign in under the rental form.
  • Note: We do not provide any equipment other than L-Screens and hitting socks for Rentals.


  • Spectators are only allowed during the hours of 8am-9pm. Facility Manager may decline the opportunity for spectators to enter.
  • Spectators must stay in designated viewing areas. All children ages 18 and under need direct
  • Supervision and may not utilize the facility in any manner.
  • All PAC facilities are off limits unless a guest pass is purchased at the front desk.

Please Read & Digitally Sign:

Prairie Athletic Club’s priority is with our members. We reserve the right to cancel or extinguish contract at any time without prior notice. We thank you for your cooperation. I have read and fully understand the above statements. I acknowledge that before signing I had an opportunity to discuss with Prairie Athletic Club any questions I had about the above stipulations.