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This is an online fitness program ready-to-go, created by our very own PAC Personal Training Staff.

Upon purchase user will receive an email with directions on how to download the PAC Personal Training app. Once in the PAC Personal Training app your trainer will contact you to get started!

Couch to 5k Using Interval Training

The goal of this program is to take someone with little to no recent exercise history and in 2 months time have them ready to complete a full 5Km run. It is broken into 3 phases so the individual can build a good foundation for running first, then gain running skill, finishing with the ability to run further and further up to a full 5K run. We're not focusing on running a particular time, but rather the ability to complete the distance without stopping. More detailed plans will be developed to pick up where this plan finishes for those who can already run 5K and wish to improve upon their personal best! Early workouts may only take about 30 minutes, but as the program progresses, you'll want to allot 60-90 minutes to ensure you can properly perform each component of the longer workout sessions and relax/reflect after each one upon completion. A 5K is 5000 meters (3.106 miles). If you are not familiar with metric distances then spend some time learning how meters relate to miles! (EX: 400m is about a quarter mile.) **Equipment used in this program be acquired rather inexpensively or can be found at most gyms: Timekeeping device (stopwatch, clock, phone, etc.) A medicine ball between 4-12lbs based on your current strength. Dumbbells ranging from 3-20lbs depending on your current strength. A place to run. (Roads, paths, treadmill, running track, grass, etc.) If it is impossible for you to get the weights, contact a trainer at Prairie Athletic Club to discuss alternate exercises to challenge the areas the weights are used for. **A Garmin watch (or equivalent GPS timer/tracker) serves as an excellent training tool for the running workouts if it can be afforded but is not required. If you plan to continue running beyond this 10 week plan, I highly recommend getting one.