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This is an online fitness program ready-to-go, created by our very own PAC Personal Training Staff.

Upon purchase user will receive an email with directions on how to download the PAC Personal Training app. Once in the PAC Personal Training app your trainer will contact you to get started!

Crazy Legs Prep

This 14 week program looks to take a person with at least some running experience and prepare them to run the Crazylegs 8K in Madison, WI that takes place the last Saturday of every April. It could also be used to work toward a 5K or 10K race. Getting better at distance races involves building body strength, balance, and a strong aerobic base. Much of the program consists of this base phase and a month or so out picks up in intensity and specific workouts to prepare you to run your race. This program starts off assuming you can handle several 3 mile runs within a week. If you have no running experience and/or are presently unable to consistently run at least 2-3 miles, then it may be more suitable to try our 10-week "Couch to 5K" program to establish that basic running ability before taking on this program. Otherwise you risk a "too far too fast" situation which can lead to frustration and overuse injuries!