Crossfit Vultus FAQ’s

Do I need to be in good shape to do Vultus Strong? What experience do I need?

Nope! One of the common misconceptions of Vultus Strong is that it’s only for elite level athletes. In reality, the Vultus community is made up of competitive athletes, former athletes, working professionals, and people who prior to Vultus, had never even set foot in a gym before!

Okay but, the workouts look really tough, what if I can’t do a movement?

No problem! Our workouts and exercises scale to any level- from PVC pipes to heavy barbells, at Vultus Strong, we tailor the workout to your individual ability.

What types of movements/exercises will I be doing?

The idea of Vultus is that it’s constantly varied exercise, so don’t worry about ever getting bored! You will learn nine foundational functional movements of Vultus, such as squats, pushing, and pulling. In classes we use kettlebells, barbells, ropes, gymnastic movements, Olympic lifts, bands, rings, rowers, medicine balls, dumbbells, and more.

I don’t think I can do Vultus Strong because I have a previous back/knee/hip/shoulder/other injury, am I correct?

We aren’t stopping you, and neither should an injury! The beauty about Vultus is that the exercises and movements can be easily scaled and adjusted to individual needs. We have had many members come through the doors with previous injuries that have found relief from pain by strengthening the muscles around the problem area. Often times people stop exercising a previously injured area due to fear of re-injury or pain, and because of this, they end up de-conditioned, weak, and even MORE susceptible to injury in the future! Let our coaches help you gain back your pre-injury strength and confidence!

So, what the heck is a WOD?

WOD stands for Workout of the Day.

I’m a female. Will Vultus Strong make me big and bulky?

Unless you are increasing your daily caloric intake to astronomical amounts, lifting extremely heavy weights multiple times a day, and putting extra substances into your body that aren’t already there, no you will not look like the Incredible Hulk from doing Vultus. Now will you end up looking more toned? Yeah, we’d bet on it!

This sounds like something I’d like to try out, can I do that for free?

Absolutely! Please reach out to Kara at [email protected]. We’d love to have you!