Dolphins Cove Hours


Reservations required for all non-members and guests.  Typically Dolphins Cove will be open from 12:30/1:00-6:00/6:30 p.m. on warmer days and 1-5 p.m. on cooler days. Please check our website daily for hours. All hours subject to change based on demand and weather. Click on the reserve button below to make a reservation.

Dolphins Cove and Adventure Lagoon require 20+ lifeguards and staff members. Dolphins Cove and Adventure Lagoon will be open when a swimming crowd can be expected; typically when the weather forecast is to be mid 70’s and sunny. On average weather days, we may only open Dolphins Cove as those days bring a smaller crowd. Opening decisions may be backed off if the morning weather is questionable. The park may close early due to low attendance or inclement weather. Hours may be extended on extremely hot days. Mussels Beach will open with temp’s around 70 and sunny. Mussel’s Beach only requires one guard and can be opened for members quickly. The adult pool can be open for any ages during daylight hours when all other pools are closed (parent supervision for children is required).