ESP Competitive Swim

Athletes will be trained by certified trainers who specialize in swim specific training. The classes will feature an opportunity to receive small group training on the advancement of skills and ability to swim more efficiently. Training will consist of:

In the Pool Training-This will be a small group of competitive swimmers looking to work on bettering their technique, working on pace work and quickening their stroke tempo. Each class/lesson is set up to work on a specific set of skills for the competitive swimmer. With the use of underwater technology we are able to break down strokes, starts, turns and tempo.

Dryland Training-Plan to work on shoulder strength, conditioning, core strength, speed and agility, and injury prevention. 

Max 10 athletes per class.

Pricing (ages 11+)

10 pack PAC Member/nonmember- $255 / $306
20 pack PAC Members Only – $480

Unlimited PAC Members- $220/mo
Unlimited Nonmember- $264/mo

If you have any questions please contact Kayla at [email protected].