Can you tell me what you do in each class? Yes, click HERE to view that video

Are we locked into the days that we select at the time we sign up? No, you can come at any time/day you would like.

Can we train while in season? 
Of course you can train in season. That’s the most important time to train. We have many athletes that come back after their season and wish that they had kept up with their training. Our 20 pack is a great package for in season athletes.

My athlete is planning on working out at our local middle/high school this year. Can he/she do both? 
Absolutely! It’s important that our athletes work out with their teammates too! We can work with whatever training program you are involved with to make sure training doesn’t overlap and your athlete still gets that customized workout from ESP.

Do you offer programs specifically for my athlete’s sport? (ie a program just for baseball players)
Yes, currently we only offer specialized training for baseball players and golfers but are looking to expand those offerings to other sports.
We do offer exclusive programs to teams, but those are seasonal programs. ESP takes pride in training all types of athletes to become more efficient in their respective sport(s). If you have a team that is interested (more than 10 athletes) then please contact us for pricing options.

My athlete is a bit hesitant to train with other kids in a group setting. Do you offer personal training?
We know that the weight room can be intimidating to some people. ESP works very closely with our athletes to show them that it isn’t how much you lift or how you look when you walk in to class. Everyone enrolled into ESP has the same goal: to become better at their sport(s). We respect that fact and ensure that none of our athletes will feel neglected. We aren’t going to lie, some things will be uncomfortable and tough to complete, but confidence derives from success.
​ESP will put you in the right position to succeed at those tough tasks. 

If you still are struggling with the group atmosphere, contact us and we will find you the right trainer that will fit your athlete’s needs.