Learning Academy Preschool

Welcome to The Learning Academy at Prairie Athletic Club

The Learning Academy at Prairie Athletic Club offers an engaging and enriching preschool environment in Sun Prairie and close to Madison WI where your children can thrive. Through the development of a mindful curriculum, we are able to help each child develop their emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and character. Our goal is to foster a lifelong love of learning while creating a stimulating environment where creativity and individual expression is encouraged.

Thriving in a Synergistic Curriculum

Founded by Erin Sadler, M.Ed, our 3 and 4-year-old child care center offers a synergistic curriculum that is focused on brain development and includes 7 distinct components. These 7 different components combine to create optimal learning for each child. Some of the elements which help our students learn and grow at their own pace include yoga, meditation, character development, interactive and explorative learning. We also focus our teaching around healthy eating habits, co-creation and reflection, and behavioral growth.

If you are searching for a stimulating, welcoming, and friendly daycare center environment where your child can grow and learn while being well taken care of, consider The Learning Academy at Prairie Athletic Club. Our focus on supporting the primary caregivers of each child helps to develop a supportive network where parents feel heard and understood.

Our child focused approach develops an understanding of the foundational building blocks for healthy social and cognitive development. With our synergistic curriculum, your child will have an optimal learning experience in the classroom and within their environment.

Introductory Pricing

  • 4 Days/week, Monthly Fee:  $480
  • 3 Days/week, Monthly Fee:  $388
  • 2 Days/week, Monthly Fee:  $280