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About Kasen

Kasen has a passion for athletics and gaming with an emphasis on how important movement is not just for physical health but mental-health as well. He has worked as a Sports Performance Specialist and an Elite Sports Performance trainer, so coupled with his love of online gaming he has a knack for competitors in both the digital and the physical world.


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What am I most passionate about in fitness?

"Being an athlete myself I have a natural appreciation for activity and competition, but of equal if not more importance is how much activity does for our mental health and well-being. So I love helping people become better athletes, better competitors, but it's just as rewarding to see that my clients' mood, confidence, and sense of accomplishment are improving as well."

What is my coaching style?

"I approach my coaching with an athletic mindset so I prioritize a lot of free-weight movements. I'm passionate and talkative but also level-headed and calm."

What am I like outside of the gym?

"I'm into gaming which is something not many trainers are into, but obviously I like being active as well, so combined with being a social person, I'm almost always hanging out with other people, having fun, whether it be online, outdoors, playing sports, etc."

Who would be well-suited to train with me?

"Gamers, young athletes, or even just younger people who are motivated to improve their physical health. Gaming takes a unique toll on the body, so compensatory exercise is critical to make sure your hips and back are staying healthy. For others, athletic training can serve to both improve your performance in your favorite sports, or simply make you a more capable person, which increases your self-confidence, improves your mood, and enhances your mental health."