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Personal Trainer

Zach Figiel

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Group Personal Trainer


Meeting you where you're at and making exercise fun! I can relate with people who have limited experience or have been on the sidelines for a long time. It's necessary for me to discover what's best for you, what works best for your goals, as well as what's going to keep you coming back. I can assist you with weight training, cardio, functional training, HIIT style training, and other exercises that work best for you!


For 10 years after high school, I lived a very sedentary lifestyle. One random cold night in November, I decided to blow off some stress by attempting to go for a run. I couldn't run down my block - let alone around the block. But the stress I had at the time melted away so I decided to stick with it. After months of training, I went from couch to half Ironman. Sure, I lost a ton of weight in the process but more importantly to me, I gained so much more energy and confidence. What I didn't realize before I got started was just how incredible the mental benefits of regular exercise could be. After the Madison marathon, I started doing more fitness classes - and realized even more benefits of adding more socializing and a community of people striving for a common goal. Next came strength training. There's an excitement around seeing progress, whether that's increase in reps or in adding weight. I meticulously track and celebrate progress! I developed a burning passion for fitness which inspired me to want to help others not only achieve their goals but also experience these additional benefits they didn’t even know existed.


Fitness Philosophy

Fall in love with the process and celebrate your wins! Whatever your goal is, it's important to appreciate the journey. Consistency is key and in order to truly be as consistent as possible, it's important to enjoy what you're doing. As the wise Miley Cyrus once sang "it's the climb” So let’s have fun with it!