Nutritional Coaching

Our Nutrition Specialist will provide you with a nutrition plan that will optimize performance, fuel your body and provide you with long term results without leaving you feeling deprived.

If it’s a weight loss goal, maintenance or muscle/fitness enhancement, this plan will be customized to YOU and adjusted according to YOUR body.

Nutrition Coach Packages:

  • Introductory Nutrition Appointment ($40)
    • 60 minute session to discuss the basics of nutrition and how to fuel your body
    • Great place to start if you’re not sure how deep you’re looking to go in your nutrition journey
  • 1 Month Individualized Nutrition Coaching ($120/month)
    • Bi-weekly coaching calls or meetings and accountability 
    • Nutritional guidance in designing a meal program
    • Nutritional education content to grow your knowledge about food and nutrition
  • Monthly Deluxe Coaching ($150/month)
    • Weekly coaching calls or meetings and accountability
    • Access to an online healthy recipe catalog (continually growing)
    • Macronutrient programming (revised monthly)
    • Nutritional content/handouts for continued learning about food and nutrition
    • Weekly discussions with trainer to talk through meal prepping ideas, debunk questions, etc.
    • Guidance in creating a meal plan to fit your needs

Looking to get started? Schedule an introductory nutrition appointment today!