Pickleball – Open


Open Pickleball is similar to challenge basketball in that if people are waiting to play, players should rotate in and out of the courts after each game to 9. While waiting put your paddles in a lineup to wait your turn. If playing, when your game finishes be respectful to players waiting for a court. Games will be capped at 11 and use of a court for practice time will be capped at 15 minutes if players are waiting.

Open Pickleball means that courts are reserved specifically for Pickleball. During times when nothing is listed on the gym schedule, basketball is the first option for members, however, other sports can be played with staff permission. If there are people shooting buckets and you would like to play Pickleball, please go to the back desk and see if the manager on duty will allow you to set up a net. The courts typically get busier at about 4 p.m. on weekdays during the school year.

If you are done playing and nobody is waiting to play Pickleball, please store the net in the closet at the back of court 6. While leaving nets on the courts is more convenient, nets tear and break down far faster when left on the courts and also can be a safety hazard.


5-8 a.m., Intermediate 3.0-4.0, court 4
5-8 a.m., Advanced 4.0+, court 6
5-8 a.m., Overflow of either 3.0-4.0 or 4.0+ players, Court 5
8-noon, Intermediate 2.5-3.5, courts 4-5 and court 2 for overflow
8-noon, Advanced 4.0+, court 6 (Wed/Fri only)
Noon-2 p.m., Novice 2.0-3.0, courts 5-6
Noon-2 p.m., High intermediate 3.5+, court 4 (Mon only)

5-8 a.m., Advanced 4.0+, courts 5-6
5-8 a.m., Open play of any level, court 4
8 a.m.-noon, Intermediate high 3.5+, courts 5-6
8 a.m.-noon, Overflow of 3.5+ or open play of any level, court 4
Noon-2 p.m., Open play of any level, court 4

7-10 a.m., Open play of any level, court 4
10 a.m.-noon, Open play of any level, courts 4-6

8-noon, Open play of any level, court 4
8:30-noon, Advanced 4.0+, courts 5-6

Open Pickleball is only valid when school is in session (on weekdays). If school has the day off courts are on a first-come, first-served basis and net setup must be approved by a PAC manager unless the courts are completely empty. We will reserve two courts (four nets) for Open Pickleball of any level from 8-11 a.m. on days off school as the kids usually show up later in the morning.

2023-2024 Days off School
October 2 & 20, November 22 through 24, December 11, December 25 through January 1, January 15 & 22, February 16, March 25 through April 1, April 12, May 17 & 27.

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Not sure what level of play you are at? Check out the USA Pickleball skill rating definitions HERE.

If you have any questions please contact Paul at [email protected].