STEP 3 Mindfulness

A life skill for helping regulate our emotions and thoughts is the practice of mindfulness. The Learning Academy promotes mindful tools as a way to empower children to understand their thoughts and behaviors as things within their control. Giving children mindfulness tools and practicing mindfulness in the classroom has been shown to help children self-regulate, decrease stress and anxiety, induce a state of calm and peacefulness, increase focus and have a positive impact on the ability to learn. Just like muscles need repeated weight training to grow, so do our mindfulness “muscles”. At The Learning Academy we have a daily practice of mindfulness as well as weaving it into how we play and interact with others. We aim to give children tools in mindfulness that will help them throughout their entire lives. In our class we discuss solving conflicts using mindfulness, mindful breathing, mindful games, overcoming fears and anxieties using our mindful powers. We also use mindfulness in our yoga practice that includes mindful breathing along with fun and healthy exercise movement. We also build in time for reflection and practice reflection regarding our learning and interactions. We encourage children to mindfully reflect on their goals and adjust their learning and behaviors to meet their goals.