STEP 5 Brain Building Practices

There are several practices of character and values that have positive impacts on neurological growth and wiring. We focus on the following at The Learning Academy KINDNESS, EMPATHY, COMPASSION, GRATITUDE, COURAGE, PERSEVERANCE, GRIT, CREATIVITY, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY At the preschool level, we introduce children to the vocabulary of these traits. We develop meaning together through play and practice and we read literature that is rich in demonstrating what these practices look like in the world. This also becomes our class “code” that we honor as a way of living at preschool. We wear kindness capes at school where we are both recognized or our kind actions and also “look out” for kind actions of others. We have a daily gratitude journal practice. We use language that promotes growth such as “I can’t do it…YET”. We encourage creative thought and collaboration amongst students. We discuss and practice what respecting others looks like. We have classroom jobs and all work together to obtain our goals and demonstrate responsibility. We also take ownership if we hurt someone, make sure we ask them if they are alright and responsibly apologize if necessary. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and our words and realize that we can effect changes we would like to see in ourselves and our actions.