Volleyball – Leagues

League Levels of Play

• A Level – Highest play level (power). Players are proficient in all skills. Rules are strictly enforced.
• BB Level – High play level (intermediate high). Players are well skilled. Rules are strictly enforced.
• B Level – Good level of play (intermediate low). Players have good basic skills. Rules are enforced.
• C Level – Fun league (recreational). Players have a basic knowledge of the game. Rule enforcement is relaxed.

There are three volleyball sessions at the PAC. Fall indoor leagues run from mid-September through mid-December with registration generally opening online in July. Winter indoor leagues run from mid-January through mid-April with registration generally available online in November. Outdoor sand volleyball runs from mid-May through the end of August with registration generally available in March. Team registration is available online until about two weeks before leagues start or when leagues fill. All fees and a completed roster are due at the time of registration. There is no extra charge for non-members on our volleyball teams.

Enjoy the competition, camaraderie, and everything else that is PAC Volleyball!

If you have questions about the volleyball program, please contact Paul at [email protected] or 608-834-2630. If you would like to sign up for a league, but it is full, please contact Paul to see if he can squeeze you in. If you are looking to sign up a team, but need to add a couple of players, contact Paul and he can send you a sub/interested player list. If you would like to be added to the sub/interested player list, contact Paul.