What to expect when you join ESP

This post highlights all of the things we do to give our athletes the best experience possible. ESP is dedicated to providing not only the best program for our athletes but the best experience as well so that our athletes actually WANT to come and train with us!

Elite Sports Performance takes pride in making sure our athletes receive the best possible training. Just like training for a sport, athletes need to have a good base and core to succeed. We have the same perspective as trainers; the starting point is the most important part. Our Assessment gives us valuable information that we base each athlete’s training program off of.
We start with our athlete questionnaire, we ask a multitude of questions that pertain to the athlete’s health, their eating habits, and their current activity level. On top of that, we ask about their goals and what they want to accomplish through training with us. We believe that this is a very important part in the process, as it creates a sense of ownership on the athlete’s behalf.
After the questionnaire, we ask to meet with the athlete 1 on 1 to start the visual aspect of the assessment. Athletes are video taped performing a variety of physical tests. This starts with simple things like running, skipping, and shuffling but gets into more complicated things like lunging, squatting, rotational mobility, and shoulder stability. Athletes are rated on about 40+ different categories during their 30-45 minute assessment. This is the most valuable part of the assessment process as it provides us (the trainers) with valuable information that we can base the athletes development off of.
After the 30-45 minutes visual assessment, our work has only begun as trainers. We now review the video of the assessment in slow motion and break down the film to find inefficiencies in the athlete. Whether it’s a tight hamstring or a lack of mobility in the hips, we feel confident that our assessment process can highlight most, if not all, of the athlete’s weaknesses. After denoting skills that the athlete excels in and struggles with, we can now create the athlete’s training program.
This part is the most fun. We have all the tools we need to make this athlete more efficient, now we just have to put it on paper and show the athlete how to complete it.
At this point, the ball is in the athlete’s court. How often will you complete your customized program? Will you push yourself through it? Or will you just go through the motions? We can only do so much as trainers. Now it’s time for the athlete to take it that extra mile.
It is also noted that as trainers, we are continually assessing every minute of every class that we teach. Assessments don’t just stop after the initial meeting. So with the daily help and direction of our ESP trainers, we have created a path for this athlete to maximize his/her potential.
Trust the Program!