Elite Sports Performance - ESP 2021 New Athlete and Baseball Programs at Prairie Athletic Club (8)
What’s better than ESP? ESP with a friend of course! The entire week of September 27th will be “Bring a Friend” week for ESP. Use this opportunity to attend class for free and bring a friend as well! Whether athletes are members or non-members, all they will have to do is register on our MindBody
1 on 1 Baseball Lessons With the baseball season winding down, and fall tryouts upon us, take advantage of our individual baseball lesson packages. Choose your schedule and receive specific instruction on the areas you need to work on during a 1 hour, 45 min or 30 min session. Refer a friend and receive a 30
Supplements Dr. Tara Larowe A common question I get as a RDN from athletic populations is, “what do you think about [insert supplement here]?” My response is usually unsatisfying to the person asking. Deciding on whether to take a supplement depends on many factors related to individuals’ performance goals and current diet, but also on