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LAST CHANCE! ESP Summer Training 2024

Elite Sports Performance is designed to take your athletic abilities to new heights. Tailored for athletes of all levels, our summer sports performance training program offers training and support to help you achieve your goals and excel in your sport. Led by our team of expert coaches, our program provides personalized workout plans to optimize your performance in every aspect. Whether you’re looking to improve speed, strength, agility, endurance, or overall athleticism, we have the resources and expertise to help you succeed.

  • ESP Summer Training 2024 options now available-Book your assessment before May 13 and receive $50 off a Summer Unlimited Package
  • Tentative schedule attached HERE
  • ESP Sports Specific Training Classes will include Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer

Individualized Approach

We understand that every athlete is unique, which is why we customize our training plans to suit your athlete’s specific needs, goals, and sport requirements.  Your journey to excellence begins with a thorough assessment to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. We are here to help you overcome challenges, push past limitations, and achieve breakthrough results.

Benefits Of Elite Sports Performance

Athletes will…

  • Improve Athletic Performance
    Training programs designed specifically for youth athletes focus on enhancing speed, agility, strength, power, and endurance, leading to improved performance in their respective sports.
  • Enhanced Confidence
    As athletes see improvements in their performance and physical abilities, their confidence grows. This increased confidence can extend beyond sports and positively impact other areas of their lives.
  • Teamwork and Social Skills
    Many performance training programs involve group exercises and teamwork, fostering social skills, communication, and camaraderie among young athletes.
  • Mental Toughness
    Training programs often incorporate mental conditioning techniques to help athletes develop resilience, focus, and mental toughness, which are valuable attributes both on and off the field.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits
    Participation in sports performance training encourages healthy lifestyle habits, including proper nutrition, hydration, and rest, which are essential for optimal athletic performance and overall well-being.

ESP Summer Training 2024

Get enrolled for Summer 2024 before May 13 to save $50 off a Summer Unlimited Package. Click HERE to fill out our questionnaire and purchase your assessment before May 13.


Learn more about ESP Pricing for Summer 2024

Unlimited Summer Pricing is available for athletes 8 and older. Check out all the classes included in each package HERE.

Unlimited Pricing June 10- August 30 (12 Weeks)

Foundations (ages 8-10): $450 member/ $540 non-member
Total (ages 11-14): $500 member/ $590 non-member
Custom (ages 15+): $550 member/ $650 non-member
Sport Specific (ages 11+): $630 member/ $700 non-member

If you have any questions about ESP summer sports performance training, please contact Bryce at [email protected].