ESP Return To Training 2020 (5)
Hello Everyone, I’ll try to be as brief as possible; there is a lot I’d like to cover, so please bear with me.  Social distancing guidelines this summer change the way we are able to deliver on our main goals. So, Elite Sports Performance (ESP) pre-COVID19 won’t be EXACTLY what will be coming back until

ESP Virtual Training FAQ’s

Virtual Training starts this Monday April 20th! Are they 30 or 60 minute sessions? The classes will range from 35-60 minutes so we are planning approximately 45 minutes give or take. What workout equipment is needed and how much space in the house will we need? The most that athletes will need will be a

ESP Virtual Training Options

Prairie Athletic Club Elite Sports Performance
ESP is Virtual! ESP has added virtual training options to our ESP schedule in light of the current situation. Here are the options: 1. Virtual Classes – Starting Monday April 20th we will start an 8 week sports performance program highlighting strength, mobility, speed, etc. Mostly Body weight exercises or small weights only needed. Ability