Our New Matrix Performance Plus Treadmills Have Arrived at PAC!


Workout with Virtual Active on our New Matrix Treadmills!

Make every workout a fresh and unique experience by adding our special interactive programs to your workout on our new treadmills. Count on our programs to create exercise experiences that will engage you on a whole new level and keep you coming back for more, making it easier than ever to keep working out!  Our Virtual Active workouts transport our PAC members to exotic locales all over the world. The beautiful forward motion, high-definition footage speeds up or slows down to match your pace, and resistance or incline varies to match the terrain. When it comes to the most immersive workout available, nothing can take our members on a journey like Virtual Active.


With Sprint 8, developed specifically to give our members results that keep you coming back for more. Sprint 8 is a scientifically validated program that uses high-intensity exercise to stimulate natural human growth hormone, efficiently burning fat and building muscle.  Researched and developed by Phil Campbell (M.S., M.A., FACHE, ASCM-PT), Sprint 8 goes beyond high-intensity interval training to give our members results they can see in the mirror.


Watch the SPRINT 8 Video to Learn More!


Performance Plus Treadmill

Our exceptional new treadmill at Prairie Athletic Club, sets a new standard with a shock-absorbing slat-belt and a high-efficiency drive that make even the most intense runs feel comfortable, solid and smooth.

Touch XL Console

With its 22″ screen and 16 workouts at the ready our new Matrix WiFi-enabled Touch XL Console added to the new treadmills our members can now connect to the content that keeps them moving! The new screen on the treadmill features an app-based interface that mirrors familiar smartphone and tablet operating systems, making it easy to connect your devices and keep burning those carbs.

Connects to Apple Watch

Speaking of connections on the new Treadmills…The New Matrix connects to Apple Watch for more accurate workout tracking for you or for your Personal Trainers.

Prefer to use Your Phone?

Wireless charging allows our PAC members to charge their personal devices while keeping their screens in view.

Come Check Them Out Now at Prairie Athletic Club!