Immunity Community at Prairie Athletic Club
Track your health, stay safe and start a routine with Immunity Community. While so many things in our lives have been negatively effected or put on pause, our health, wellness, fitness, and immunity can NOT be one of them! The stresses of the coronavirus can affect both our mental and physical health. With the flood
Prairie Athletic Club Closing Sunday 3-15-2020
The health and safety of our members continues to be our top priority. Prairie Athletic Club (and PAC24) WILL BE CLOSING AT 10 P.M. TONIGHT (SUNDAY, MARCH 15) and remain closed until we have clarification from health officials on the social gathering ban of 50 or more people in Dane County. The ban was announced
Prairie Athletic Club (Member Update)
The health and well-being of our members and staff if our top priority. We have been working for the past few weeks to double check our current cleaning process and products. We have been reassured that the processes and products we are using will be effective against the Coronavirus. We will continue to welcome members