Percussive Vibration Massage Devices and Performance

The scientific concept behind this type of therapy is based on the gate control theory, which says that a nonpainful stimulus (in this case, vibration) can suppress the feeling of pain. The experience of pain depends on a combination of signals from our nerves, spinal cord, and brain, as they each process pain signals in their own way. Upon injury, pain messages originate in nerves associated with the damaged tissue and flow along the nerves to the 

The device is easy to use, lightweight and portable, and athletes such as Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving and Los Angeles Rams defensive back Marcus Peters have been spotted using it to loosen up stiff areas before sessions, and even during competition, to treat and prevent cramps.

Percussive Vibration Massage Devices can:

Help relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and soreness
Our nervous system may become synchronized and result in more force production of the muscle group. The more muscles that are recruited during a movement can increase movement efficiency to reduce overworking certain muscles that can lead to a decrease in muscle damage or soreness.

Increase in range of motion
Increase in muscle recruitment and movement efficiency, range of motion can increase from having the ability to control the movement better.

Increases circulation and blood flow
Vibration therapy leads to increase of skin temperature and blood flow leading to increased nutrients brought to tissues and decreased accumulation of lactic acid in the blood 48-72 hours post exercise.

When to use:

Decrease pain
Increase mobility
Improve muscle coordination

Increase blood flow and circulation
Decrease muscle pain and soreness

Increase lymphatic drainage
Decrease muscle soreness and tightness
​Calm the nervous system and accelerate recovery

ESP will be purchasing one of these devices for the grand prize in a referral contest starting in June. We will also be starting to use one on the floor with our athletes in the month of May, so make sure to ask us for a demo!