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At ESP, our mission is to create a well-conditioned, well-rounded athlete, with injury mitigation at the core of our values. We believe that a performance program is only one of the steps to becoming 'elite.' Teaching our athletes about being responsible, tough, and confident are byproducts of our program. It is our job to constantly put our athletes in situations that grow them not only as an athlete, but as a person as well. Rather than implementing a "cookie cutter" workout for a group of athletes, ESP focuses on developing each athlete individually. With more athletes specializing in a particular sport at an earlier age, it is crucial that athletes receive a broad selection of training modalities to mitigate overuse injuries

We will hold athletes within our exercise progression standards to ensure athletes never progress in weight or complexity until they have mastered simple movements we deem necessary. We believe that the safety of our athletes is a result of our productive and healthier path in athletic development.


Improve on your strength, speed, explosiveness, etc., along with specific training programs that will highlight drills associated in sports. Our training program packages allow an athlete to grow on a busier schedule or schedule more 1 on 1 time with our coaches directly. Let our sports performance trainers give your athlete the attention they deserve. Whether recovering from an injury or simply looking for more accountability and motivation, our staff is more than qualified.

We can’t wait to get back started with you. If you want to get a jumpstart, we have a quick questionnaire for you to fill out to make sure we have your correct information or purchase your packages and let’s get started again! Please note, even if we just saw you last season...all athletes are subject to possibly needing and performing a new assessment before reattending any classes or training. After you purchase your packages or submit the questionnaire, we'll see where you're at or if you need one. Until then, please continue below to purchase the package you like and we'll help fill in the rest.