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Personal Trainer

Ben McElmurry

B.S. Human Health & Performance
Minor in Coaching
NETA Personal Training Certification


  • Athletics (Running, Jumping, Functional Strength, Balance)
  • Improving movement ability and coordination
  • Educating clients about the training process
  • Youth & Adults

My Philosophy

Athletic training is often thought of as a thing for athletes and sports teams. I think it is something every person can reap huge benefits from as the entire goal is to move faster, stronger, and with higher quality. Most of all, it is a lot more fun than just the run of the mill workouts we often see in typical exercise plans! People often lose their ability to move well because they fail to consistently expose their body to physical challenges that work those movement skills. Just because you aren't in a sport or on a team doesn't mean you shouldn't be utilizing athletic training. Far from it!  If you are interested in improved running, jumping, or all around movement ability, I'm your guy! As your skill improves, what used to be hard will become a lot more fun and normal ability for you.

Extra Info

  • 8+ years coaching high school track and cross country. Multiple state qualifiers and medalists.
  • 1 year working with a college level sports performance department (UW-Whitewater) and working with multiple sports teams.
  • As an athlete: 34 years old, hitting 57" box jumps, cruising over 40" hurdles, and still running personal bests ranging from 400m to 10K races.
  • As a mentor: Takes great satisfaction in helping others improve their own skills and abilities, realizing their potential.
  • Analytical prowess assists in finding weaknesses in movement abilities or skills in order to develop personalized solutions.
  • Open sense of humor and willingness to make the process fun enhances the training experience.


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