Dolphins Cove Waterpark Jumbo-Tron Sneak Peak

New 229 inch Jumbo-Tron HDTV coming to Prairie Athletic Club & Dolphin’s Cove Outdoor Waterpark! Daily sporting events, family movie nights, and more! It’s the only one of its kind at the PAC, your destination for family fun! Use promo code Summer18 and save $30 on your summer membership! VIEW MEMBERSHIPS.


We are installing a Larger-than-life LED video screen experience. These HDTV’s are normally meant for massive concert arenas and sports stadiums. We decided our members deserve the same quality entertainment. The Prairie Athletic Club & Dolphin’s Cove Waterpark’s new Jumbo LED screen:  designed for outdoor viewing, is completely weatherproof,  view-able in full sunlight, large integrated outdoor speakers and provides requests from our members via email for what we show each day!

The Jumbo HDTV for Prairie Athletic Club and Dolphin’s Cove is manufactured specifically for outdoor use.  This HDTV for our waterpark is weatherproof and nearly seven times brighter than leading outdoor ‘super bright’ TVs.  If you’ve traveled to any recent sporting events, you’ll be able to notice that it’s the same technology as the outdoor video boards you see in professional sports stadiums. This is not your normal TV, most TV’s advertise for outdoor applications but use indoor consumer televisions.  They encase them to protect the delicate electronics from the elements.  Dolphin’s Cove Waterpark is not installing one of those TV’s.  We are also not installing a Projection TV Screen that you can’t see when the sun is shining.


Prairie Athletic Club’s new Jumbo-Tron made specifically for outdoor resorts, country clubs, sports bars with large patios, golf courses and other outdoor entertainment venues. We have the hired the real professionals to provide our members with the best technology. They have the expertise to design and install an LED screen that perfectly fits our available space. Prairie Athletic Club is here to provide the highest-quality viewing experience possible.

Prairie Athletic Club is Wisconsin’s largest Health Club with more than 250,000 square feet of space. Dolphin’s Cove at PAC is one of the best outdoor water parks in Madison, WI and an amazing venue for kid’s birthday parties. Fun awaits at Adventure Lagoon which has over 50,000 square feet of adventurous and exciting space. If you are searching for one of the best party venues close to Madison, Prairie Athletic Club offers the perfect solution.  Prairie Athletic Club is always looking to improve upon it’s excellent reputation for family fun, with the addition of the 229″ Jumbo-Tron HDTV, we now have the ability to add more entertainment and events to Madison & Dane County’s Summer Schedule!

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