5 Ways To Change Up Your Exercises

5 Ways to Change Up Your Exercises

Squat, lunge, pushup, bicep curl….it’s the same workout every time. Are you bored with the same exercises the same way? It’s time to add some pep to your workout with 5 things you can do to make your workouts more fun and effective.

1. Slow Down

Instead of getting through exercises as quickly as you can, go as slowly as you can. Have you ever tried to do a pushup very slowly? Try counting to 6 seconds on both the lift and the lower. You will feel the difference immediately.

2. Add Balance

Squats-after you squat, lift 1 knee up to the center and hold. Put that foot back down, squat and repeat the knee lift on the other side.

5 Ways To Change Up Your Exercises Squat

Lunges-lunge back, forward or to the side then lift the lunging knee up when pushing back to the starting point. (Forward lunge example below)

5 Ways To Change Up Your Exercises Lunge

Pushups or Planks-Try a pushup or plank while keeping 1 leg off the ground.

5 Ways To Change Up Your Exercises Plank Push Up

3. Partial Reps

Start with only doing half a rep, then the other half, then the full rep. For example, when doing bicep curls only lift up half way then all the way down for 7 reps, then start all the way up and lower just halfway down for 7 reps, and finally complete the set with 7 full reps. You can do the same with squats, lunges, pushups, skull crushers and many other exercises.

See Video HERE

4. Pyramid

Pyramid weight training is a group of sets, of identical exercises that begin heavy and gradually decrease the weights or reps or your start light and gradually increase the weights or reps.

Reps-each set: 10 reps, 15 reps, 20 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps using the same weight each set
Weight-each set: 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds, 15 pounds, 10 pounds completing the same reps each set

5. Combine Exercises

Put movements together! A combination exercise is two separate movements rolled into one. Most combos work multiple muscle groups which means you get a lot of work done in very little time. Try squatting with a bicep curl, lunge with an overhead press, pushup into a plank position with a shoulder tap.

Discover what works best for you! Experiment, challenge yourself, laugh a little, and take your workouts to another level.