5 Ways To Change Up Your Exercises
Squat, lunge, pushup, bicep curl….it’s the same workout every time. Are you bored with the same exercises the same way? It’s time to add some pep to your workout with 5 things you can do to make your workouts more fun and effective. 1. Slow Down Instead of getting through exercises as quickly as you
Women can benefit from lifting weights Women of all ages can benefit from lifting weights.  Women tend to shy away from weights for a variety of reasons but research shows that we might be selling ourselves short. A strength training program will boost your metabolism, produce stronger bones, fight weight gain and combat the effects
Mindfulness Foundations Series – A 7 Week FALL Course You may have heard the word “Mindfulness” or “Meditation” as there’s much research coming out on why this practice is highly beneficial for our overall well-being. In this 7-week course, you will learn the basics, benefits, & science of Mindfulness and how you can realistically bring