ESP Bring a Friend Week – Try ESP Starting December 26th (ages 8+)

What’s better than ESP? ESP with a friend of course! And it’s FREE!

The week of December 26-29th will be “Bring a Friend” week for ESP. Use this opportunity to attend class for free and bring a friend as well! Whether athletes are members or non-members, all they will have to do is register on our MindBody website and sign up for free classes.



  1. Athletes must be 8-10 years old for Foundations and Skills Day. Ages 11+ may attend all class except for ESP Custom. ESP Custom classes will require 15+ years of age.
  2. New athletes are to create a profile under their name while creating a MindBody profile. Keep in mind that if a parent’s email is active in the MindBody system, a different email will be needed to be used. please contact Bryce Hanson with any questions. [email protected] or 608-834-2627.

Bring the most friends, win a free ESP Hoodie! Top 3 participants guaranteed a hoodie!

Each new friend that you bring to class will award you 2 points in the contest. Each time thereafter will be 1 point for that friend. Example: Bryce who is a current athlete brings Charlie on Monday who is new to ESP. Bryce receives 2 points. Bryce brings Charlie again on Wednesday. Bryce receives 1 point. Bryce now has 3 total points. Multiple classes per day only count once. Tie breakers will be judged by a coin flip.

First place – black hoodie with gold ESP writing.
Second place – black hoodie with silver ESP writing.
Third place – black hoodie with bronze ESP writing.



Class Descriptions

All classes with the exception of ESP Foundations are 1 hour long and guided by a qualified sports performance trainer. ESP Foundations is a 45 minute long class.

ESP Foundations (ages 8-10) -ESP Foundations is an introductory training class for athletes ages 8-10 which will work on coordination, body awareness, speed, reaction, movement mechanics, and age supported strength.

ESP Total (ages 11-14) – Consists of an all-around performance training strategy. Speed, balance, explosion, and strength will be covered during this class. Athletes will be directed to complete certain exercises based on their skill/age level.

ESP Custom (ages 15+) – Our traditional strength training program where athletes will complete their customized training programs under the direction of an ESP trainer.

ESP Air (ages 11+) – Athletes follow a program that is dedicated to improving vertical and horizontal jumping. First step quickness and explosion will be a benefit to attending this class.

ESP Speed Development) (ages 11+) – Linear and Lateral speed will be trained during this 1 hour class. Linear – Athletes will work on straight forward speed, deceleration, and top end speed. Lateral – Athletes will work on side to side speed, deceleration, and change of direction.

ESP Power Development (ages 11+) – This one hour class will not only develop speed, but horizontal, vertical and rotational power used in all sports.

ESP Conditioning (ages 11+) – Athletes will be hooked up to a heart rate monitoring system during class to ensure proper heart rate levels during aerobic and anaerobic training. Athletes will be put through several conditioning levels while trainers are monitoring exact heart rates levels. This is a great class to get started with before the start of a season to make sure that you are in shape.

ESP Skills Day (ages 8+) – ESP Skills Day is a day where athletes will be put through a barrage of athletic tests to see how they have improved and/or measure up to their peers. 40 yard dash, vertical, broad jump, max push ups, and pro agility are just some of the tests administered during Skills Day. Athletes will receive an electronic exit report summarizing their performance. Think you have what it takes to get your name up on the record board? Here is your chance!

ESP Coordination & Quickness (ages 11+) – Focus on coordination and quickness within running, jumping, and throwing movements. This class will lead you towards moving with more efficiency and fluidity in explosiveness.

ESP Sport Specific (ages 11+) – We offer a variety of sport specific classes including baseball, basketball, soccer, and swim. These 1 hour classes will focus on developing a strong foundation of the specific sport you choose. A coach with thorough experience in that specific sport will guide athletes through specific drills and skills to improve their performance in that sport.