What’s better than ESP? ESP with a friend of course! And it’s FREE! The entire week of July 24th will be “Bring a Friend” week for ESP. Use this opportunity to attend class for free and bring a friend as well! Whether athletes are members or non-members, all they will have to do is register
Last chance to save $50 on an Unlimited Package for Summer 2023 Purchase your assessment before pricing goes up on May 22.  Check out what classes your athlete can attend based on their package:
ESP Summer 2023 blog
Pricing is good through the weekend. (5/21) Here’s what’s new: ESP Summer Training 2023 options now available-Book your assessment before May 22 and receive $50 off an Unlimited Package Tentative schedule attached HERE ESP Sports Specific Training Classes will include Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming and Volleyball New ESP Classes this Summer Speed Development and Power Development ESP Summer Training