1 on 1 Baseball Lessons With the baseball season winding down, and fall tryouts upon us, take advantage of our individual baseball lesson packages. Choose your schedule and receive specific instruction on the areas you need to work on during a 1 hour, 45 min or 30 min session. Refer a friend and receive a 30
Refueling ESP is so lucky to have Dr. Tara Larowe on our team. Take a look at a little something she prepared to help our athletes and their families make good choices when refueling for competition: Tournament play, swim and track meets all require special planning to keep energy levels up throughout the day.   Ideally,
Elite Sports Performance - ESP 2021 New Athlete and Baseball Programs at Prairie Athletic Club (4)
Summer 2021 Newsletter- Here’s what’s new: ESP Summer Training 2021 options now available, along with preliminary schedule ESP Referral Rewards ESP Basketball will be launching in June of 2021 ESP Baseball Survey ESP Summer Training 2021 We are gearing up for a great summer including a lot of class offerings and even NEW class options