WHEY PROTEINWhey protein is the most common type of protein powder used. It’s the cheapest to produce so it’s the cheapest and most abundant to buy. Whey protein is a milk based protein. It can be digested and absorbed faster than any other type of protein source, making it a great option for post workout.
  MULTIVITAMIN/MINERAL: As with needing more protein at a young age for optimal growth, vitamins and minerals are also very important to have. These micronutrients don’t contain calories like macronutrients, but they allow the processes in our body to run properly and efficiently. Many foods we eat, especially convenience food, is highly processed which causes
Throughout the day, we’re always moving. We sit, bend, stand, walk, and everything else in between. Every time we do something, we go through various forms of the foundational movements of the human body. Although our bodies may look different in many ways, our foundational movements are alike. Offset CarryThis type of carry is a