​Push​This is a pressing movement, either moving an object away from your body or vice versa. This movement is separated into horizontal or a vertical push and combinations of both. When we perform a push pattern, the main muscle groups worked are the pectorals (chest) and deltoids (shoulders), with assistance from the triceps. When we

In Season Strength Training

​It’s the first game of your season, the first official time putting on your team colors this year. You’re looking great and feeling even better because you just spent the entire off season preparing for this moment. All of the hard work put into sharpening your skill set and building the strength to perform at
Throughout the day, we’re always moving. We sit, bend, stand, walk, and everything else in between. Every time we do something, we go through various forms of the foundational movements of the human body. Although our bodies may look different in many ways, our foundational movements are alike. ​ These movements are: ​ Squat Hinge